Select from our fragrance collections or work with our artisan to create your signature scent.


NATURAL STATE creates a feeling of the crisp outdoors with a hint of bergamot. 

BOHEMIAN has light hints of patchouli, a 1960s hippy shop, and happy happy happy.

FLOWER du JOUR changes according to the inspiration of the garden. Lavender is blooming in the garden and hand-poured in candles this week.

SOUTHERN SUGAR is in both the Arkansas Collection and the Bayou Collection because it is so popular and everyone loves a sweet treat!


SOUTHERN SUGAR evokes pecan pie, pralines, and tradition. Old plat maps list a Pecan Grove on State Street between 8th Avenue and Main Street in Pine Bluff and families still come to pick pecans in the fall. 

BALMY BAYOU connects us to the Caribbean with a tropical scent just as steamboats once connected Arkansas and New Orleans along the world's longest bayou: Bayou Bartholomew. 

JUKE JOINT mingles the scent of firewood and is based on a true story of firewood hauled to one juke joint on Old Main Street in Pine Bluff with bootleg liquor hidden in the wood. 

LEATHER & SILKS smells like leather with a touch of exotic and references the racetrack owned by Wiley Jones one of Arkansas' first African American millionaires who was famous for his thoroughbreds.